About Us

Pete, Professional Bodywork Expert, Over 20 years of combined experience in Personal Training, Body-Building, Bodywork, CrossFit, Competition and more.

Healing yourself is connected to healing others. Awareness it the first step in healing. Contact us, so we can help you! Life can get you down, but it's important to get back up stronger than before. Get mentally prepared through physical alignment, focus, and dedication. 
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The Muscle Medics Bodywork is about working with customers who want to get their body help. We use a variety of modalities to help make your body feel and look better. Training, Stretching, Active-release, Cupping, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and more will help you feel the best on and off the table. 
Tailored Bodywork Meet your Goals with Focused Therapy
Body-Building has been an important part of Pete's life. Focusing on specific muscles for specific motor function is imperative to getting the results for the goals he wanted to achieve.
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Physical Training is about building teams. Creating a supportive environment between you and your coach to help support you mentally, physically, and professionally is key.
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Bodywork is about healing, recovering, and growing stronger. Bodywork is where Muscle Medics begins and ends, focusing on your goals, and ending with tangible results quickly and efficiently. Let me share my knowledge, support, and expertise with you through your journey!

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